Poca Barta skinboat with Yakking Benches text.

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Welcome to my Yakking Benches website.   This is my home page and below you will find images that link to

more detailed information.

The Redgum Bench page and the Paddle Rack page have links to pages showing you how to make your own bench or rack.  

The Poca Barta page has a link to an external Flickr gallery showing photographs the build as it progressed.   If you are

contemplating building a fuselage frame boat the gallery will show you what to expect.

I hope you enjoy looking around and are motivated by what you can see.


Poca Barta  

Poca Barta on waterI have paddled all sorts of kayaks and I have thought about making one for years.

For my first boat I decided to make Poca Barta designed by Jeff Horton.

I bought a copy of Jeff's ebook "Fuselage Frame Boats" from Amazon

and began building.

The Poca Barta is a skin on frame boat.

Redgum Bench

Wooden benchThis is an easy to make and cheap garden bench.   There are no metal bits so grab a couple of

garden sleepers and a length of half inch dowel from a hardware store and you will have a

strong bench for that shady spot in your garden.

Paddle Rack

paddle rackHere is a paddle rack you can make for yourself.

It can be adapted to hold as many paddles as you want.

This rack is cheap to make, looks good and does the job.

A Drip Stop for Greenland Paddles

dripstopThese drip stops are so simple to make and most importantly they work.

All you need is a bit of bungy cord and a strip of leather.

This drip stop was suggested to me by Woodman on the Kudzu Craft forum.

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