Poca Barta skinboat with Yakking Benches text.

TC's Yakking Benches Drip Stop

A Useful Drip Stop for Greenland Paddles

I am still excited by this new drip stop I made to use on my Greenland style paddles.   The idea was suggested to me

by Woodman on the Kudzu Craft forum.   The drip-stops help my hands stay dry and make taking

photographs  simpler. (no more frantic hand wiping on my shirt before I miss that shot)

Drip stop 1

As you can see the drip-stop is made from of a short length of bungee and a strip of leather.

Drips stop 2

Below is a photograph of my favourite paddle on the SOT kayak I use most where I live in Australia.  The boat is a Tarpon 160.  

it's a great boat to use around Wentworth on the Murray Darling.

Drip stop 3

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