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TC's Yakking Benches Making a Paddle Rack

Paddle rack

Make Yourself a Paddle Rack

You can make yourself a wood paddle rack for cents. The materials are readily available at hardware and lumber yards.

A length of 100x50 framing timber (4x2) about a metre long (40") and a length of door stop the same length

with 8 wood screws and you are ready to go.   Minimum tools are drill with a holesaw, a saw and some abrasive paper.


Marking out paddle rack

Cut the 4x2 to length (note: I am making two racks at the same time in these photographs) and clamp them together

for marking out one edge.   Click on the ABOVE image to get a sheet with the exact dimensions. 

Look carefully at the image below to see how I have transferred the lines to the face sides. 

It is important that you see the centreline for the drilled holes is different to the ramp line.

Drilling cores

The image below can help you interpret the ramp line.

Close up marking out

Carefully cut the ramp lines back into the drilled holes. The more care you use here means less clean up work later

Cutting the slots

Sand the parts until you are satisfied with them.

Sand the rack

As you can see I have cut trenches for the cross bars.   You can use any thin strips of wood you have or use door stop.  
Make sure everything is square during assembly.

Assemble the rack

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