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From my introduction to kayaks as a Boy Scout on an English Canal (Leeds Liverpool) I have wanted to build

my own boat.   That boat was a skin on frame canvas covered yak I remember fondly.   I have since had many fibreglass and

plastic boats and eventually decided to commit to making my own.  

The photographs below show the results.   At the bottom of this page there is a link to my Flickr Gallery of the build showing all the

stages from buying the wood to getting on the water.

Poca Barta


I guess this is the maiden voyage of my build of the Poca Barta.

This boat was designed by Jeff Horton and is included in his book Fuselage Frame Boats.  

After all the work building the boat it was great to get on the water.

paddling skinboat

I bought a kindle edition of Jeff's book from Amazon and set out to build one.

At the bottom this page there is a link to my FLICKR page withe photographs from start to finish.

Skinboat ready to go

In the water. She looks ready to me.

Skinboat elemental

The gunnels, chines and keel are Australian Hoop Pine with frames and floors cut from marine ply.  
The boat is held together with artificial sinew  (waxed nylon string) and skinned with heavy duty ballistic nylon.  
The coating is two pack polyurethane tinted with a teaspoon of burnt sienna pigment.

Skinboat on land

I leaned on articles and videos from the Skin Boat School of Corey Freedman, Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks
and Jeff Horton's Kudzu Craft site in making the boat.

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                                          The image above is a link to my Filckr gallery and shows photographs of the progress of the build.

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