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TC's Yakking Benches Redgum Bench

Redgum Bench

I made this simple and attractive outdoor bench using two redgum garden sleepers (railway ties) so I could sit in a nice shady spot

in my garden.   If you decide to build one there is no need to use redgum.   Just use whatever timber you can get locally.

There is a link at the bottom of this page to instructions  showing you how you can make this bench for yourself .

Redgum Bench wet

There are no metal parts to the bench and joining is achieved with dowel rods and glue.

bench with shadow

The top shows the pattern of dowel attaching it to the leg assembly.

bench at river

The bench is simple and will blend into any setting.

Front view of bench

The front view of the bench shows the arch in the support skirt.

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